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Moisturizing the lips և perfection depends not only on the color used, but also on the fact that the skin is smooth, supple and needs care. In addition to lip care, it is also very important.

The texture of the lips is fragile և does not contain protective cells, so they quickly lose moisture և dries.

In addition, other external factors, such as cold, wind, heat և smoking, can damage our lips, crack them, so we need to take care of our lips.

They are also very vulnerable to arsenic due to their low melanin content. And it is necessary to moisturize them every day, protect them with lip balms, cocoa or petroleum jelly, preferably with sunscreen.

Removal of dead cells is by peeling or shedding, which is an important step, but should be done more than once a week to avoid irritation.

You can use a unique lip balm or gently brush it with a baby toothbrush after exfoliating to moisturize your lips.

If your lips are dry, you can apply a lip balm that will retain moisture, but try not to stick your tongue out, as saliva causes a lot of dryness and can irritate them.

Another trick is to apply a little honey on them before going to bed և let them work all night.

Gently remove it gently in the morning brush brush. The lips will be moist և with incredible volume.

If, on the other hand, your lips are well-groomed, you want to keep them moist and shiny, prepare your lip gloss.

Melt 6 tablespoons of cocoa butter with half a teaspoon of grated virgin wax, mix until a liquid density is obtained.

Let it rest in a small mold, և when the paste hardens, apply it generously on the lips. You will get an unusual shine.

Finally, if, in addition to moisturizing և protecting, we paint the lips, we can achieve perfect lips.

Do not forget that current lipsticks contain nutrients that provide hydration and protection, in addition to a wide range of shades.

Four natural products for your lip care

1. Lip Scrub

Make a natural exfoliator with sugar, petroleum jelly, almond oil, juicy, moist lips.

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2. Tangerine և Calendula Lip Balm

Tangerine essential oil, squeezed from dried peel, is a mild antiseptic and cleanser.

The cut of the lips was prevented by lemon balm, which is active against the cold herpes virus in winter.

Cocoa butter helps to smooth, soothe and protect the lips.

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3. Lip balm from lavender և myrrh for lip care

The nourishing combination of lavender and myrrh healing essential oils provides long-lasting soothing, softening, moisturizing, preventing dehydration of the lip skin, soothing cuts and cracks. It was used for six months after preparation.

4. Elderberry և Myrtle Lip Balm for Lip Care

The basis of shea butter, almond oil, olive oil, cocoa butter acts as a emollient, emollient, natural cell restorer.

Elderberry has inflammatory properties, the peel is used to treat small wounds, and myrtle acts as a healing agent.

The combination of all of them gives an ideal result for a lip moisturizer.

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